The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry

| 8+
Cautions: some emotional intensity

The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry starts in the summer of 1970, when the most serious thing on Dustin’s mind is working up the nerve to tell a girl he likes her… and then backing down whenever he gets the chance. When he and his friends meet Mr. Sperry, however, they’re introduced to a whole new way of thinking about life, death, eternity, Jesus Christ, neighborhood bullies, and even the girls they like. The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry is a great family movie, as long as the viewers are all old enough to understand the difference between the boys’ early foolishness and later wisdom.

2008 | Rich Christiano | 96 min Watch Trailer

Some Emotional Intensity

A character dies off screen, and other characters attend the graveside service and are seen weeping.


The main character and his friends engage in foolish behaviors that are resolved later on. The young boy’s obsessive scheme to get a girl to go out with him is a major subplot, but is fully resolved. A casual, presumably chaste dating relationship between two fifteen year olds is mentioned.

A boy’s statement that he hates another boy is not dealt with directly, but the attitude is readjusted before the end.

A boy makes comments about his friend’s intellectual inferiority, and calls him a “dummy” a couple of times.

A character’s assurance in prayer that God loves a boy “just the way you loved his father” is probably not expressing precise biblical doctrine, given that the boy is unsaved at the time, while his father was saved.

At the funeral, a pastor addresses the deceased.

Scriptures are paraphrased.

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