Facing the Giants

| 8+
Cautions: mild sports violence, and brief mild immodesty

Facing the Giants is the story of the underdog. The coach is facing the prospect of unemployment. He and his wife are facing childlessness. He and the school are facing the loss of their reputations. He and the team are facing first the pain of wrong priorities, and then the pain of right priorities. Friendships are threatened. Hopes are shattered. The car dies… again. Facing the Giants may not exhibit all of the savoir-faire of professional film making, but its relatable, at times humorous story of praising God no matter what happens more than outweighs its own underdog status.

2006 | Alex Kendrick | 111 min Watch Trailer

Mild Sports Violence

Scenes involve contact sports. One player is helped off the field with a broken collarbone.

Brief Mild Immodesty

Young cheerleaders wear mid-thigh skirts. They do not behave sensually, and are only shown occasionally and briefly.


Characters shout at one another in anger. This is negatively portrayed.

The movie revolves around characters who work at or attend a Christian school. Classroom and other student interaction is brought in as it relates to the football team.

A minor character “felt led” to bring a certain Bible verse to the main character and to apply it to his decision whether or not to stay in his current job.

The main character’s wife takes temporary part time work outside the home.

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