Updates for Purity and Precision

We've been publishing reviews in an easier to navigate format and more scripture-based rating system for the past year now, and it's about time the old reviews caught up. While we still have more changes for the website in store, novelty is being put on hold while we spend the next several months updating older reviews, working on back-end projects, posting great quotes like we used to, and adding some audio and video resources from favorite authors, speakers and pastors periodically.

Our posting schedule is going to be... shall we say, sporadic. And we're going to have to deviate from our prefered ratio of two positives to one negative for a while. On the other hand, from now through the next several months is going to be the ideal time for you as a reader to comment and make suggestions for website functions and put in a plug for a movie that you'd like us to put on our priority list. We may even slip in a new movie review now and then during our updating process.

You've already seen us trying out our "Re-Views" with Batman Begins, Disney's A Christmas Carol, Oceans and Star Wars, and the new ratings haven't always been exactly what we would have expected, so be sure to check out our upcoming Re-Views to find out how close to biblical standards we were (or weren't) when we first started!

We're hopeful that these foundation-level changes we've made at Purity and Precision, and are in the process of working out, will continue to bring us closer to both aligning with scripture and giving you, our reader, what you came here for: easy to navigate, honest, biblical movie reviews.

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