Cottage to Let

| 10+ 

Cautions: brief mild violence, brief mild sensuality, and some language

Cottage to Let:  a simple, unsuspicious title for a movie about espionage, counter-espionage, kidnapping and gunplay.  In the quiet Scottish countryside of early WWII, a vacant cottage owned by a brilliant bombsight inventor attracts a houseful of unusual visitors, from a crashed British fighter pilot, a sarcastic London refugee, and a mysterious Scottish gentleman, to the cook, the butler and the inventor’s assistant, each of whom has a deeper side to their character – and their job description – than they wish to reveal.

1941 | Anthony Asquith | 90 min Watch Full Movie

Brief Mild Violence
Characters are kidnapped, struck, and threatened with a gun.  A character is shot to death, and gives a few pained cries before he dies.

A character makes a bitter joke about someone finding an annoying character with his throat slit.

Brief Mild Sensuality
A woman is kissed three times, by two different men.  Once, the man forces a kiss on her, but later apologizes.

Some Language
What the devil
shut up

Characters are called “cuss” and “fathead” once.

A young boy is occasionally sarcastic and disobedient to his hosts.

A ghost legend is briefly referenced, and at another point a character makes a wish on the new moon, but nothing is made of either of these.  Someone references “bad luck”.  A character crosses his heart in promise.

Characters smoke cigarettes.

Characters drink whiskey or gin in moderation.

Someone is said to be a disciple of Sherlock Holmes.

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