| 8+ 
Cautions: some language, mild filial disobedience, brief intensity, and mild immodesty and sensuality

Dreamer is a surprisingly endearing family movie, with all the ups and downs of a child's almost impossible hopes, with parents and friends who can't give her everything she wants, but who, with a little persuasion, are willing to try despite the odds.  There's no angst, nothing contrived, nothing to prove - just a little girl, her dad, her horse, and with each small victory, one more chance to take.

2005 | John Gatins | 106 min Watch Trailer

Some Language

The word “stupid” is used a few times.  The word “butt” is used once.

Mild Filial Disobedience
The main character Cale’s grandfather tells her to hide horse books from her father so he wouldn’t know she had been reading them.  At night, Cale sneaks out of her bedroom window and visits with the horse, and it is unclear whether she is completely obeying her father’s instructions to stay away from it.  This is somewhat resolved.

There is an emotional scene of conflict between Cale and her father.  Cale almost runs away after thinking that her father’s misfortune is her fault.

There is some conflict between Cale’s father and grandfather, but it is resolved.

Brief Intensity
In a semi-intense scene, Cale attempts to ride a horse, but it takes off and will not stop.

A horse falls mid-race and throws the jockey.  In another race, a jockey’s foot slips out of the stirrup and he almost falls.

There is a heated discussion between two men.

A man describes his injuries from a serious fall.

There is talk of putting a horse down.

Mild Immodesty and Sensuality
Cale’s parents kiss briefly.

Cale’s mother is seen a dress that reveals some cleavage, and in other scenes in a non-sensual, lower-thigh length nightgown.

A jockey says that his nightmares are God’s way of telling him not to race.  At one point, he crosses himself.

Cale writes a story about a “magic” horse.

Cale’s mom makes a comment about being willing to work seven days a week.

Cale is seen on the bus and at school, and her father goes to a parents’ meeting at the school.

Cale, jokingly, says that she mailed a check for a large sum of money, when she had not.  Everyone laughs, understanding it to be a stalling tactic and not the truth.

An important but only briefly seen side character races horses merely to beat his brother.

Cale’s mother works while her father is looking for a job.

The characters have a tradition about a poem that the horses “tell” them.

Positively-portrayed characters gamble on horses with small amounts of cash.

Someone references bad luck, but not in a serious way.

Someone references wine.

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