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Cautions: references to violent and sexual topics

Agenda: Grinding America Down takes on one enemy—Communism—and exposes its ideology, which is at war with God, and its infiltration of American culture and politics, which has been rapid and effective.  From Communism’s early adopters to its recent and current supporters, director, narrator and state congressman Curtis Bowers lays open the Marxist agenda for media, education, social engineering and political seizure, and shows not only who and what, but how to fight.

2010 | Curtis Bowers | 93 min Watch Trailer

References to Violent and Sexual Topics
Photos of death in concentration camps are used to illustrate violent events and ideals.

Homosexual behavior is mentioned, though discreetly.  Images include stock photos of a two-man wedding cake topper and a close up of two men holding hands.

The word “condoms” is used.

Curtis Bowers, the narrator, states that, “even with its faults, [the United States of America] is the greatest country that has ever existed.”  The veracity of the statement naturally depends on the definition of “greatest”.  Also, a positive reference is made to citizens’ “sovereignty”, which may or may not be an accurate or appropriate term, depending on the intended meaning.  Again, the accuracy of the statement that if the United States went down militarily, “the free world” would go down for a very long time, rests on necessary assumptions about the meaning of a couple of the terms.

References are made to the founding fathers of the United States, claiming that they “were in covenant with… God,” and that, “if it hadn’t been for Jesus Christ, there never would have been a United States of America.”  These are, however, meant as useful generalizations, not as a claim that every founder of the nation was a Christian or had an interest in following Christ’s commandments.

Curtis Bowers (without intended mockery or contempt) refers to most people on the political Left as “useful idiots”.  He turns out to be quoting a Communist leader’s own view, but this is not necessarily clear the first time he uses the quote.

The statement that there’s “only one” problem that pulls us away from a Utopian dream, and that one thing being “history”, is meant as a figure of speech, clearly not as an implication that without the historical failures of Communism there would be nothing left to pull us away from it.

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