The Odd Life of Timothy Green

 | 8+ 
Cautions: some language, unexplained fantasy elements, mild sensuality, and brief immodesty

The Odd Life of Timothy Green is a story about a mysterious young boy who suddenly walks into the life of a couple who had given up hope of having children.  Timothy shows his new family a different side of life and gives them the chance to experience the joys and mistakes of parenting.  A mix of the slightly cliche and the slightly odd, Timothy Green is a potentially fun family movie for those who don’t mind some unexplainable phenomena.

2012 | Peter Hedges | 105 min Watch Trailer

Some Language
Oh, G-d
Oh, G-d
Oh dear G-d

Unexplained Fantasy Elements
While none of The Odd Life of Timothy Green’s fantasy elements are contrary to Scripture or scriptural principles, they do appear to step beyond the categories of beings found in the Bible and in nature.

Timothy’s origins are unclear, except that he claims to have come “from the garden”, and his arrival coincides with his future parents burying in the garden a list of all the things they had hoped for the child they thought they would never have - a list that is fulfilled in Timothy.  Timothy’s adoptive parents believe that he is “for” them, and call his appearance “kind of miraculous.”

Timothy has leaves apparently growing out of his legs.  He requests that his parents not ask about his leaves.

At times, Timothy stands out in the sun, arms spread, as if to soak up energy.  He shows someone else how to stand that way, and says, “Think tree,” though nothing mystical is meant by it.

Spoiler Warning - Timothy stays only for a short time, and tells his parents that, when his leaves go, it is time for him to go, too.  He disappears when a storm takes the electricity out, leaving it uncertain whether he vanished into thin air or simply walked out the back door.

Timothy’s arrival also coincides with a sudden downpour of rain that apparently occurred in the Greens’ yard only.

Mild Sensuality
A couple (married on screen, not married in real life) kisses passionately.  Timothy and a girl nearly kiss, though not in a sensual way.

Timothy’s parents are seen asleep in bed, clothed.

Brief Immodesty
In a short pool party scene, young girls (up to about thirteen years of age) are seen in two-piece swimsuits, and young boys are seen shirtless.

Timothy’s mom, Cindy, lies about his talents, but this is portrayed negatively.  When policemen, friends of the family, ask if there’s something Timothy’s dad, Jim, isn’t telling them, right after Timothy’s mysterious appearance, Jim says, “No.”

Timothy is sent to school as part of his parents’ understanding of normal childhood.

A death in a hospital is strongly implied but the death itself is not seen.  Timothy stays underwater in the pool long enough for people to start worrying about him.  A little boy is hurt in a soccer game.

Timothy is drawn to a girl a few years older than he, and while the relationship remains mostly sibling-like, his parents caution him not to put so much focus on just one girl.

A naive Timothy, trying to obey his parents’ command not to let anyone see his leaves, kicks a girl’s head underwater when she tries to pull his socks down.

In one scene, Jim and Cindy get into an intense argument.

Timothy’s mom works outside the home.

The Greens drink wine.

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