British Intelligence

 | 8+
Cautions:  mild violence and intensity

British Intelligence is a low-intensity suspense movie set in WWI England, where British and German double agents compete to gain the trust of both sides.  While the surprises aren’t necessarily meant to be earth-shattering, especially to fans of the suspense genre, the story contains enough plot twists and calamities to keep viewers in their seats, if not on the edge of them.  Younger children may be able to handle the violence, but the plot may be lost on viewers under ten.

1940 | Terry O. Morse | 61 min Watch TrailerWatch Full Movie

Mild Violence and Intensity
Characters die quickly in non-graphic ways, and references are made to relatives who were killed.  Brief battle scenes feature explosions and men falling backwards as they are shot.  A plane crashes, but no one is killed.  Buildings are hit by bombs during an air raid.

A side character, speaking for the government or people of Great Britain, says, “We want to help humanity,” and claims that pre-war peace and tranquility were things that they had “created through the years.”

A spy hyperbolically says that his venerable superior “has no soul, no conscience.”

The slang phrases “blinkin’” and “for the love of heaven” are used once each.

A nurse kisses a man on the cheek.

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