| 12+
Cautions: violence and intensity, some language, and some sensuality

Valkyrie is an historical thriller about a failed attempt to assassinate Adolf Hitler.  Believing that Hitler is crazy and is destroying their “sacred Germany” with his unaccountable tactics, members of the Nazi cabinet conspire to plant a bomb underneath Hitler’s conference table during a top-secret meeting, then take over the Nazi headquarters and end the war before anyone realizes what’s going on.  As an essentially accurate movie, Valkyrie has characters with questionable perspectives, and ends heart-racingly but grimly.

2008 | Bryan Singer | 121 min Watch Trailer

Dear G-d
What in G-d’s name
For G-d’s sake

Violence and Intensity
Men are killed in explosions, shootings and strafing runs.  The violence is generally intense—and sometimes on one of the higher levels of intensity—but not gory, though blood does feature in a few scenes. 

Men are killed by a firing squad.  Other men are prepared for being hanged by the neck with wire.  The camera cuts away just before two suicides; one man shooting himself in the head, another putting a grenade to his throat.  Another man considers suicide by poisoning, but changes his mind.

There are mentions of amputations, torture and starvation, and of men lost.

Some Sensuality
There are a few kisses, sometimes passionate, between characters who are married on screen, but not in real life.

There is occasional brief female immodesty and a man is briefly seen shirtless.  A nude statuette appears. 

Spoiler Warning - Some positively-portrayed characters commit suicide, as their historical counterparts did in real life.  The suicides are not necessarily positively-portrayed.

Both the main characters and the supporters of Hitler appeal to God.  Hitler is said to have been visibly blessed by “the Almighty God”.  He himself says that he sees “the hand of Providence” directing him.  Positively-portrayed characters say, “Long live sacred Germany!”  A crucifix and candles are seen in the background of a church, though the characters are only using the church as a meeting place.  Hitler’s fascination with Norse paganism comes up.

The film opens with an oath of allegiance by which every German in the armed forces (including the revolutionary main characters) was required to “swear by God” to unconditional obedience to Hitler.  The main character says “Heil, Hitler!” in order to preserve his secret plots.

One of the positively-portrayed characters declares that “any problem on earth can be solved with the careful application of high explosives.”

A negatively-portrayed character references evolution.

Someone is figuratively called a “whore”.

Characters consume alcohol a number of times.

Cigarettes appear throughout.

A character who had lost his eye occasionally has his glass eyeball out, and treats it quite casually.

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