The Blue Planet: Seas of Life

| All Ages
Cautions: animal violence, some mild animal sexuality, and brief, infrequent old-earth/evolution remarks

The Blue Planet is one half nature documentary and one half call to worship.  Its glimpses at a part of creation that most people never get to see, at least in real life, are at times astounding, at other times beautiful, and at still others marvelously educational.  While the real but rare references to evolution indicate that The Blue Planet was designed to direct homage to nature, for the Christian the infrequent Darwinistic distractions will not interfere with the imagery’s and facts’ power to drive the attention to the Divine Creator.

2001 | Television Series | (10) 50 min episodes Watch Clips

Note:  This review is specifically in reference to the U.K. production, narrated by David Attenborough. The U.S.A. production by the same name, narrated by Pierce Brosnan, includes extra content which adds a strong message of Darwinism and global warming, and which also detracts from the quality of the series. Some DVD and Blu-Ray compilations include episodes from both versions.

Animal Violence
Sharks, whales and fish are shown attacking, killing and eating other sea creatures (sometimes cute sea creatures) to somber or ominous music.

Some of the deep sea creatures may be scary for young children.

Some Mild Animal Sexuality
A couple of species are briefly and non-graphically seen mating.  The term “sexual spree” is used once to refer to fish spawning

Brief, Infrequent Old-Earth/Evolution Remarks
Some episodes of The Blue Planet do not contain any references whatever to Darwinism, while others contain three or four.  Among the references are brief mentions of millions of years, evolution, “primitive” or “ancient” creatures, and the (presumed to be evolutionary) origins of life on earth.

Other remarks about sea creatures having “developed” certain physical characteristics may be intended to refer to macroevolution, but may accurately address issues of microevolution, or natural adaptation.

The ocean is to some degree personified in The Blue Planet, but in a literary rather than mystical way.

Not all of the scientific claims of The Blue Planet are demonstrated to be true on screen.

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