| 12+
Cautions: intensity and brief violent images, brief slang and mild immodesty

Bella is a unique, multifaceted story, with drama, intense violence and humor flowing naturally and meaningfully one into the next.  Filmed in a somewhat “artistic”, independent style, Bella unfolds the stories of two very different people brought by negative circumstances into a whatever-may-come friendship that brings healing and hope, and ultimately saves a life.

2006 | Alejandro Monteverde | 91 min Watch Trailer

Intensity and Brief Violent Images
Spoiler Warning - There is an intense scene in which a young child is killed in an automobile accident.  The child is seen lifeless and bloody in the arms of her screaming mother.

Spoiler Warning - Segments depict events surrounding an abortion that never actually happens.  The female character is seen lying down, as if being prepared for an abortion, and in another possible-future segment she comes out after the abortion and begins sobbing.

Reacting to negative memories, the main character deliberately burns his hand over the stove.

There are some intense confrontation scenes.

Brief Slang
screwed up

Mild Immodesty
Female characters wear tank tops and spaghetti-strap dresses.  A woman is briefly seen in the bath, but only her head is visible.

The two main characters lie down on the beach together at night, but their behavior is more sibling-like than sensual.  There is occasional salsa dancing.

The plot involves a woman who is pregnant and unmarried, but she is not portrayed positively.

In an imagined future, the main character goes to an abortion mill and waits as his friend undergoes an abortion, and puts his arms around her as she sobs afterward.  He does not, however, indicate any sympathy with her actions, and is portrayed as having been helpless to stop her.

A non-Christian character asks if we only live once, and the main character says he has never met anyone who lived twice.  The main character and his family cross themselves after prayer, and he is seen praying with a rosary.  His friend says that he is “lucky” to have a good family.

One of the main character’s fellow employees “doesn’t have papers”.

In one instance, the main character’s father exaggeratedly asserts his rule over his household as his wife walks away, ignoring him; then he humorously caves to her wishes.

The female lead is briefly seen smoking a cigarette.  In flashbacks, the main character is seen smoking a cigar.

Drinks are served at dinner.  The female main character references having gotten “stoned” at a point in her teen years.

An unmarried character adopts a child.

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