| 12+
Cautions: Some intense violence and surgery scenes, brief mild language and brief immodesty.

Escape is an exceptional film.  The story of a traveling surgeon, Paul, who is captured while in Asia by traffickers that need his skill, this is an exotic, intriguing, and well made film.  Forced to keep his enemy alive or die, he passes from the dangers of the surgeon’s knife to the slaver’s machine gun.  After many unexpected turns of events and frequent near-executions, Paul is forced to realize that though you can run from men, no man can escape God.

Some Intense Violence and Surgery Scenes

     This is an intense film.  The main character is frequently threatened with or shot at by automatic weapons.  There are multiple intense chase scenes.  Characters are shot, caught in animal traps, and thrown over cliffs.  A woman is very suddenly run through with a large knife and dies, and a character is shot and dies in a very emotionally gripping way.
     As the main character is a surgeon there are several scenes of surgeries, bloody wounds, and pain.  One brief operation is conducted with no pain killers.  There is minimal gore, but it is still somewhat bloody and very intense.

2012 | Paul Emami | 87 min 

Brief Mild Language
Oh my G-d!

Brief Immodesty
A few scenes show women that are wearing short skirts or short shorts, and the main female character is seen in a skirt with a slit up to mid thigh for a few shots and later in a tank top. 

There are several statements about the Gospel in Escape which are true, but do not emphasize certain parts of redemption as much as would have been nice.  There is also a comment that a deceased character is “watching us now, singing and smiling.” 

Mention is made of a character’s wife having left  him, and he is apparently married to a different woman now.

The villains smoke cigarettes and one of them takes a swig of alcohol.

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