| 12+
Cautions: action violence, emotional intensity, and brief allusions to adultery and fornication

Courageous is a strong and engaging movie about five men and their resolution to be the fathers that God has called them to be.  The story moves through tragedy, comedy, personal obstacles, police action and a clear presentation of the gospel, to give an entertaining and inspiring picture of the transition from “good enough” to biblical fatherhood.

2011 | Alex Kendrick | 129 min  Watch Trailer

Action Violence
Policemen are caught in an intense gun battle with gang members.  One man is shot, but minimal blood is shown.  Another man pins a policeman to the ground and beats him bloody.

Other scenes involve tasers, fist fights and beatings.

Emotional Intensity
A young character dies in an off-screen car wreck.  Scenes of the family’s shock and grief may be emotionally difficult for some viewers. 

Two scenes of criminal violence involve children, neither of whom are harmed.

There are a few intense startle moments.

Brief Allusions to Adultery and Fornication
Adult characters briefly mention their parents’ failings, including promiscuity and extramarital affairs.  A character references having “hooked up with” a girl in college, and having had an illegitimate child by her.

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