Chip Ingram on Desensitization

This is a quote from a Chip Ingram radio broadcast titled "How to Finish Well: Overcoming the Power of Darkness, Part 1". Listen to the full broadcast here.

“Those of you, I’m sure there’s a number of us that either have been with, or been down this road yourself, and been with someone who’s had a few too many, right? What’s true of a person who’s drunk? You know what I find about a person who’s drunk? The only person who’s absolutely sure that he’s not drunk is whom?…

“And see, when Satan begins to deceive us, you need to understand that the person who’ll be certain they’re not being deceived, is the one being deceived. You see, you don’t take, you know, a couple beers, normally, or one shot, and go, ‘Wow, boy, man, I’m really feeling something. I’d better stop.’ Is that the way it works? Or do you take a drink, and, ‘This doesn’t feel so bad.’ Take another one, ‘In fact, this feels pretty good.’ Then you take a third one, and before long the slow process causes you to redefine reality. And so, what does an officer do if you’re weaving on the road? He takes reality on the line and says, ‘Let’s not ask you how you think you’re doing. Let’s find out what you’re doing with regard to reality.’ And he makes you walk…

I can’t impress upon us enough that that is the deception process. It is gradual—it is slow—it is masterminded. And Peter* is saying, ‘Be sober, be awake. The enemy, your adversary—the devil—is like a lion.’

1 Peter 5:6-11

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