Geoffrey Botkin on Movies and Dominion

This is a quote from a Geoffrey Botkin article titled "Alcohol, Movies and Other Toxins".

"Do Christians need movies or alcohol? No. We are not on earth to amuse ourselves, or divert ourselves with those things that dull the senses. We are here to be as alert as we can be, to wage war with the sharpest attention to the needs and afflictions of the perishing. When entire cultures are enslaved to corrupt institutions and customs that can be overturned, or turned to Christ’s advantage, we must not flinch where we can set captives free. The question becomes ‘who needs us?’ not ‘what do we need?’

“…Dominion men learn how to seize every lawful institution of man, turning those domains to a disciplemaking advantage, and sometimes a powerful financial, kingdom-honoring enterprise. Disciplined leaders will do this with today’s poisonous and corrupted cinema traditions and technologies. This is not merely ‘fooling around’ with movies. If done carefully and well, with the right ingredients, changing cinema will change culture and change history.”

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