Doug Phillips on Walt Disney

This is a quote from Doug Phillips’ lecture from Walt Disney: A Christian Critique, titled Symposium on Disney, Film and American Culture: A Theological Critique.”

“Disney’s greatest weakness was this: even at his very best, his morality was not linked to a defined, transcendent standard. His worldview was syncretistic, being a mixture of Christian moralism and mythic paganism… all of which are woven together in the classic Disney story…

“The downfall of Disney, the failure of Disney, the fact that Disney today has become an empire of evil in terms of the sentiments which are being communicated… is in large part the weakness of the founder and the creator to have a clear, coherent worldview based on transcendent laws, to be able to define them and communicate them and select his successors, and to have a generational vision that embodied those core values and beliefs. It simply didn’t happen. And so while we find many things sympathetic as we watch Walt Disney, and there are many positive things and good moral values, too often, they are moralisms, as opposed to things which are actually rooted in the Law-Word of God.”

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