Albert Mohler on Star Wars

This is a quote from an article by Albert Mohler, titled "Star Wars and Christian Truth—A Collision of Worldviews".

“Conspicuously absent from Lucas’s cosmology is anything connected to biblical Christianity. Though oblique references to faith abound in the film, the central religious motif is ‘the Force,’ explained by the Smithsonian guide as a combination of ‘the basic principles of several different major religions.’ Further, ‘it most embodies what all of them have in common: an unerring faith in a spiritual power.’ Lucas explained ‘the Force’ as ‘a nothingness that can accomplish miracles’…

“‘The Force’ is not analogous to Christian faith, but is a form of personal enlightenment and empowerment. Faith in ‘the Force’ is simply faith in mystery and some higher power—mostly within. As Lucas instructs: ‘Ultimately the Force is the larger mystery of the universe. And to trust your feelings is your way into that.’ The last thing Americans need to be told is to trust their own feelings.

“The mythology of Star Wars is perfectly adapted to the spiritual confusion of postmodern America. ‘Go with the Force’ is about all many citizens can muster as spirituality. When Christianity ceases to be the dominant worldview of a culture, paganism is quick to fill the void.

“… A Christian cannot embrace anything like Lucas’ brand of mysticism and agnosticism about the nature and character of God. We are completely dependent upon God’s self-revelation… and we are fully accountable to that revelation. We are to know and to embrace everything that God reveals about Himself—and this is nothing akin to George Lucas’ brand of mysticism. Of course, there remains much about the infinite reality and glory of God that we do not know, but we are commanded to know all that He has revealed about Himself. The living God of the Bible has revealed Himself in the Son, Jesus Christ, not in an impersonal force.”


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