The Rules for Requesting Reviews

1) The film cannot have received an unmistakably negative review from more than one mainstream Christian review site (their standards aren't usually quite up to ours, but we do trust their negative reviews).

2) If the movie has a plot or premise that is clearly problematic, just judging by the back cover or product description, it must be one that still manages somehow to be popular in Christian circles.

3) The film must not be one from which we can expect truly defiling content. There aren
t necessarily distinct lines between the ratings any more (never have been, actually), but the vast majority of R-rated films will not meet this qualification. PG and PG-13 may or may not, depending on the movie. We do still write reviews of films that may require the calculated use of a mute button, or that may require viewers to turn away at points, but there’s still a limit to how much we’re willing to be exposed.

You are welcome to suggest movies that you know will receive a negative review… as long as there are morally conservative Christians who don’t know that it will receive a negative review.

You are welcome to suggest movies that you know we won’t enjoy. Who watches movies for enjoyment, anyway?

You are welcome to suggest movies that you are pretty sure we won’t be able to access. There’s no harm in asking.

You are welcome to omit the fact that you currently own and love the movie. None of us have an exactly spotless history in that area, ourselves.

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